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Did you know that nanotechnology can affect the way we eat our food? From everything from food safety to changing how nutrients are delivered through our body, nanotechnology can do it. In fact, nano-sized biosensors have already been created to detect salmonella on your food, which has salmonella antibodies. The antibodies hook on to the bacteria and a dye on the biosensor fluoresces, allowing you to detect the presence of salmonella. This is an insane innovation, yet it’s quite simple. Being able to detect dangerous diseases on our food is insanely important.

Recently, I and some of my friends researched…


And how we can attack it…

Cancer. The ancient scourge of not just humans but the natural world, likely existing even back when the first multicellular beings were around. In fact lung, trachea, and bronchus cancers alone caused 1.6 million deaths in 2015, 3% of all deaths that year worldwide. It’s listed generally in the top ten killers of humans every year. It is such a huge killer in fact that it’s become infamous among the human population, with the surprisingly common belief that if you get it, you are probably going to die.

However, cancer isn’t black in white the way many believe it is…

Artificial Intelligence

Computer Creativity

Mona Lisa in the style of several famous paintings (Image from ML4A)

What is Neural Style Transfer?

Neural Style Transfer is a method of combining two images with a computer. One as a base image, and the second as the stylization. It’s like taking a picture of your best friend, and making it look as if they’d been painted by Van Gogh himself!

Artificial Intelligence

…and learning how I did it.

Humanity has always been plagued with disease. In fact, according to the World Health Organization in 2016, 56.9 million deaths worldwide were due to disease. That was 1% of humanity, almost.

And something else the WHO stated will blow your mind. More than half of those deaths came from ten diseases. Ten. One of those, one of the worst diseases for those afflicted, is Alzheimer’s Disease. But before I share how we can use AI to help diagnose this problem, I’d first like to help you understand Alzheimer’s disease, and it’s severity.

What is Alzheimer’s Disease?

Alzheimer’s disease…

Brain Computer Interface/Artificial Intelligence

Me and two of my friends want to restore vision to those that are visually impaired without the use of surgery.

Company Logo.

DISCLAIMER: This is currently just a company idea, the company doesn’t yet exist.

Let’s look at some statistics on blindness before we begin. More than 1.1 million are legally blind and an additional 50,000 people lose their sight each year. The visually impaired, including those who are blind, total more than 3.6 million Americans. Or let’s think about it on a smaller scale, every 4 school children, there is 1 of them that has a serious vision problem. Normal esight glasses that help improve vision costs around 10,000$ but why don’t we provide these glasses that only cost around 500–600 dollars?

So let’s back up, you’re saying a group of teenagers wants to…


(and vice chairman of Facebook!)

Last week, I was researching Peter Thiel, who is pretty legit by the way. Little bit of a side-tangent about him:

He has done so much, and has been associated with many big companies. I mean, he co-founded PayPal, one of the biggest payment platforms with freaking Elon Musk!

He is the vice chairman of Facebook and was an angel investor too, putting in 500,000$ for a 10% share, and helped put the company at a valuation of 4.9$ million.

And he founded the Thiel Foundation, to help some new entrepreneurs that hope to make impacts in the world with…

Artificial Intelligence

A guide to the brain of an AI.

Photo by Robina Weermeijer on Unsplash

What are Neural Networks?

Neural Networks are a kind of computer algorithm, designed based on the human brain’s neurons. The same sort of ways our neurons are connected together, neural networks are too. Because of that, they can learn to do tasks, without needing preset instructions.

Layers of a Neural Network

Neural networks are made up of layers which are made up of nodes (which each represent a piece of information, and there is a variable number of each. They have an input layer, multiple “hidden” layers, and an output layer.

Artificial Intelligence

A deep learning Convolutional Neural Network (CNN)

Photo by Clément H on Unsplash

“Hey, our friends are cliff jumping, wanna come? You only live once man!”

“Nah, I only have to look once to know I’m not doing that.”

You are probably used to the saying “YOLO: You only LIVE once”. But, that’s not actually the subject of this article. I’m talking about “YOLO: You only LOOK once”.

It is a very clever algorithm which is really good at detecting where and what objects are in a given image or video. In fact, it only has to look once.

How does it work?

Neural Networks

Neural networks power YOLO, and they are a special type of computer algorithm. Named…

Sickle cell is a terrible disease, that causes red blood cells to become deformed. This can lead to many problems, one being the blockage of blood flow. People may develop anemia, attacks of pain, swollen hands and feet, infections, and stroke. The worst thing about the disease, is that it is genetic. It is literally in your very DNA. But here is where CRISPR, a new gene editing technology, can save the day.

CRISPR? What’s that?

CRISPR is a technology that allows you to change the genes in your DNA. It is a protein which can find a specific part of your DNA…

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I’m an avid 14-year old blogger interested in new and emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, and Virtual/Augmented Reality.

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